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Raytek MI3

•  Innovative feature set for OEM & industrial applications
•  Wide temperature range from -40 to 1800°C (-40 to 3272°F)
Response time down to 10 ms
Intuitive user interface with high resolution LCD
Precision high resolution optics up to 100:1
Rugged IP 65 (NEMA-4) stainless steel sensing head
High temperature resistance for the head up to 180°C without cooling
Available with Profinet and Ethernet communication interface
Raytek MI3Pyrometer - Infrared Sensing Heads
Raytek MI3 Pyrometer - Infrared Sensing Heads Raytek MI3 Pyrometer Raytek MI3M IR Pyrometer
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Product Description

The Raytek MI3 digital pyrometer represents a new generation of performance and innovation in continuous noncontact temperature monitoring for a broad range of OEM applications and manufacturing processes. Each MI3 infrared temperature sensor is a two-piece systems with a miniature sensing head and separate communications electronics. The miniature sensing head can be installed in any system and outperforms much larger sensors, making the Raytek MI3 the best valued IR temperature sensor in its class.

The OEMMI3 version allows direct digital communication with the host machine controller without the need for an additional communication box.

The innovative multiple sensing head interface, which can support up to 8 individually addressable heads per communication box, reduces sensor cost, simplifies sensor installation and applications troubleshooting, and provides the lowest cost per measurement point. 

The MI3 is also available in a convenient DIN-rail mountable package standard with USB digital communications, as well as RS485, Profibus, Modbus, Profinet and Ethernet options. The new DIN mountable communication box supports up to 8 heads and provides 4 galvanic isolated analog outputs.

Choose one of the following models, depending on your application needs and target temperature range:

Temperature Range
Optical Resolution
System Response Time
-40°C to 600 °C
(-40°F to 1112°F)
0°C to 1000 °C
(32°F to 1832°F)
2:1, 10:1, 22:1
130 ms (90%)
-40°C to 600 °C
(-40°F to 1112°F)
0°C to 1000 °C
(32°F to 1832°F)
10:1, 22:1
130 ms (90%)
0°C to 1000 °C
(32°F to 1832°F)
20 ms (90%)
250°C to 1650 °C
(482°F to 3002 °F)
130 ms (90%)
500°C to 1800°C
(932°F to 3272°F)
10 ms (90%)
250ºC to 1400ºC
(482ºF to 2552ºF)
10 ms (90%)

Typical uses include

  • Industrial OEM installations
  • Printing, paper, converting, textiles, sealing, bending, drying and curing
  • Asphalt & construction materials
  • Plastics processing; extrusion, thermoforming, molding, welding and sealing
  • Ovens & dryers
  • Solar silicon crystal growth
  • DSS polysilicon reactors
  • Secondary metal processing
  • Metal heat treating
  • Food processing and pharmaceuticals
  • Machine condition monitoring and maintenance
  • Electrical busbar and switchgear monitoring
MI3 digital communication


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